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About Dancing India Questions and answers
1.I can't download or play any of the videos

Some of the free video previews are small MPEG-4 (.mp4) files, but others are full version download links that are Adobe Projector files with the .exe extention (playable on a Mac too) and are avaliable in two sizes .

  • If you are using Chrome and the file is .mp4, the playback will start instantly after you click on the preview thumbnail.
  • If you are using other browsers or if the video is a full version .exe file, you have to wait a bit and download the entire file before playing it. This Adobe Projector file will open a playback window with a Preview button (see the screenshot)
2.How do I know if your Adobe Projector files will play on my PC or Mac?
  • Make sure that double-clicking on any .mp4 file on your computer opens your Windows Media Player that plays the file.
  • We recommend you install the Free K-Lite Mega Codec Pack and during the installation process in the advanced or expert mode associate the .mp4 files with the Windows Media Player as in these screenshots.
  • You can click on any video thumbnail to preview the video
  • If you have a Mac, you have to run Windows on it to open the files
3.How do I receive and view the full-length video?
After you have bought an applicable subscription or have authorized us to deduct an acceptable amount from your balance, it will take us 2-3 days before we email you the Adobe Projector file download links (files with the .exe extension).
4.Do I have to buy a credit to watch a video?
You can buy subscriptions for any videos except DVD productions.
5.Can I play the downloaded DVD size videos on a standalone DVD player, an iPad or a Mac?
  • The .exe files require a Windows OS. Since Apple’s transition to Intel processors in 2006, Windows applications run on the Mac too. See how.
  • For an additional fee we can ship the videos as a normal DVD disc so that you can play it on your standalone DVD player. See question No.17 below.
6.How many full videos can I receive with a €8 credit?
For example you can authorize us to deduct €3 for 1 video in category D, €4 for 2 videos from category F, and €1 for 3 videos from category G.
7.I want to download 79 Kuchipudi instructional videos by Sobha Naidu. How much would it cost?
Among Sobha Naidu's instructional videos, there are 65 videos in category F, 13 videos in category G, and 1 in category H. Therefore, the best option would be to buy one 50F subscription, one 20F subscription, one 20G subscription and a €3 credit.
After you receive all 79 Sobha Naidu's videos, you can watch 5 more videos in category F (50+20-65=5), and 7 more videos in category G (20-13=7), and maybe one more video in category H (depending on how much you let us deduct from your Gray credit for 1 Sobha Naidu's video in category H).
The above subscriptions suggested are for Standard (VCD size) videos. If you want to receive the Large (DVD size), you could choose to buy one 100F subscription, one 20F subscription, 5 yellow credits (to pay for 5 videos in category F), one 50G subscription, and 1 gray credit.
8.What is the difference between subscriptions and credits?
With a subscription, you can access a large number of videos only from a certain category, except for DVD productions.
With a credit, you can access a few videos from different categories, including DVD productions.
9.I want to watch more than 100 of your videos. Do you offer volume discounts on your credits?
In this case we suggest you buy a subscription.
10.What if I offer a lower amount than the one suggested on the video's page?
If the amount you have offered in the Download Request Form is lower than the suggested amount, we may politely ask you to contribute more (this is negotiable). If you continue to offer unreasonably low amounts, your remaining balance will be refunded to you immediately and your account will be terminated.
11.Your prices are too high for me, and I don't want to pay so much. What to do?
Work. If you cannot afford to pay the minimum indicated amounts, you can earn credits.
12.Can I pay in Indian rupees through Net Banking?
Local bank transfers in India are currently not supported by the payment gateways directly, so the extra fees would be 30% or more. If you don't want to use your credit/debit card, you can send us an instant money order from the nearest post office.
13.My VISA card is not accepted by PayPal or Moneybookers. What can I do?
You can easily get a prepaid card online at hundreds of sites such as,, etc. that will be accepted by all payment gateways, including PayPal and Moneybookers.
14.Can I submit my own videos?
Yes, click here to read more. Most of the videos you see on our site have been submitted by the dancers, their representatives or independent videographers.
15.Can I save the full videos to hard drive of my PC or on DVD?
Yes. You don't need to be online to watch the full videos.
16.Why are your downloadable DVD productions not much cheaper than the DVD discs sold in various shops?
First of all, the DVDs that you get here are still cheaper.
Secondly, you forget 2 important factors: the postage and the delivery timeframe
At DancingIndia, you can download your DVDs in 1-2 days' time, and you pay no postage or handling fee. Very often the postage costs you as much as the discs themselves.
17.Can you ship the items as a DVD disc so that I could play them on my standalone DVD player?
Of course. You will have to let us deduct from your balance an additional fee, plus the postage (€5 per 1.5 hour DVD disc).
18.Are your videos interlaced or progressive scan?
The standard size videos are progressive.
The original DVD size videos are interlaced, so you may have to connect an external monitor capable of displaying interlaced video properly.
19.I have received a message informing me that my email address has won a credit in the DI lottery draw. What does it mean?
Any email entered in the registration form becomes automatically eligible for our promotional lottery draw, although we do not accept more than 5 registrations from the same IP address. Every month  our system randomly choses the winners to receive various credits. However, the lottery credits are valid only for accessing the DVD videos.
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